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As mentioned in a previous post, we will shortly release further updates to the Fronter text editor. Most notably, with a new icon in the editor, you will be able to toggle between the Advanced (full feature) toolbar and the Basic toolbar with less functionality. This toggle is also available on mobile devices, giving you access to full editing if so wished.

The toggle release will be in production on Wednesday, March 26.


It is soon possible for teachers to add annotations on work handed in by the students. Documents will open in a preview display inside of Fronter, so that they can be annotated without being downloaded. This feature will be available in the new handin tool from Monday, April 7.




A new version of Creaza, the award winning pluspack available through Fronter, is launched on Monday, March 3. This is a major upgrade and also involves new contents made available.

Creaza will be under planned maintenance from Friday, Feb 28 17:00 CET until Monday, March 3, 06:00 CET.

Read more here (Creaza newsletter, in Norwegian).

An upgrade of the CKEditor text editor, used in a variety of places in Fronter to produce content, will be released on Tuesday March 18. The upgrade consists of upgrading CKEditor to version 4.3.2. and is mainly focussed around improving support for IE11 and tablet devices as well as significant backend improvements.

In the new version, there will be visible changes to the look and feel. We will get a new skin. We also will merge the icons for "Insert and Upload Media", "Insert Sound" and "Insert Embed content" into one icon for inserting media.

The equation and spell checker plugins are no longer supported by CKEditor. The equation editor will still be available in the upgraded editor but in its old version, with known issues especially on new Java RTEs. The spell checker will now disappear for a short period of time, but for the long term, we are preparing proper replacements for both of these plug-ins.

Coming up: in the near future, the editor will get some further updates, including a toggle button making it possible to switch between the two available editor versions, "Child" and full HTML. We are also working on improving the Insert Media popup, both in terms of look and feel and embedding capabilities.

New Blackboard Collaborate Launcher version 1.1 is now available for Mac OS X 10.8.4+ users. When prompted to upgrade, we highly encourage you to accept this new version.

Updates included in this release:

  • A new option gives users the ability to move the launcher software from the default Downloads folder to the Applications folder.
  • The launcher is now bundled with Java 7 update 40.

This upgrade note concerns the ClassLive tool, i.e. Blackboard Collaborate integrated with Fronter.


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