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This month's scheduled regular maintenance for the Fronter Oslo hosting centre will take place in the evening of March 11, the second Wednesday in March. The maintenance window this time is announced to start at 21:00 CET, but the estimated impact to end users is only approximately 5 minutes.

The work consists of upgrades on Fronter hosted mail and user provisioning services. The latter will imply that SSO services such as Shibboleth and Feide are not available for new sessions during a period of a few minutes after 21:00 CET. Direct or LDAP login are not affected. Further, in the unlikely event of any import attempting to run at this time, it will be delayed until the provisioning service is back again.

This involves all customers with a Fronter URL of the format

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Room description

The African Safari Room has been created with our friends at Join Oddizzi and safari guide Joseph on a virtual safari. Learn about local animals and visit a rural community. Oddizzi provides primary schools with up to date and engaging materials that support the teaching of geography and global citizenship. Oddizzi also has a tool called ClassPals which helps classes connect with others around the world, you can find information at and take a free trial. The Safari room contains videos, forums, quizzes and information about a community in Africa. This room is suitable for KS1 and KS2 students.

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To see free rooms to download please click here.

To see a video guide on how to import these rooms to a Fronter installation please click here.

On Monday, January 19, we will release notifications for tests from the Fronter Test tool. This will be a brand new type of notification in the Bell in the right hand corner, in addition to notifications from Assignments that is already there.

When will you see notifications?

Students will see notifications on new tests, and manually evaluated tests.

Please note that the notification on new tests is based on the activation date of the test. If the opening date is set in future (hours or days in future), the Notifications will be sent to students when the Test is open and activated.


The regular monthly maintenance window for February will consist of backend and network related maintenance to improve availability and cater for increased usage.

The maintenance will take place on Wednesday February 11th, 2015, after 20:00 CET. The services are expected to be available through the maintenance but short periods of downtime may occur, especially for the content search engine and SCORM (Course tool) content playing. Please note this maintenance concerns the hosting site in Oslo, i.e. all customers with a Fronter URL of

Ephorus, the plagiarism prevention tool used in Fronter, is constantly improving its service. In order to do so, for maintenance, Ephorus will not be available on 27th and 28th of December. During that time no documents can be submitted.

From 29th December the service will be back to normal.

Curious about the Ephorus tool? See What is Ephorus and how do I get started with it?

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