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The December monthly maintenance window on Wednesday December 10th will consist of maintenance and upgrades on the SCORM service, i.e. the contents in the Course tool. The maintenance window will last from 20:00 CET until ca. 04:00 CET the following morning. During this work, the SCORM service will be unavailable for all customers hosted on the Oslo site, i.e. all customers with a Fronter URL of the form

This month's scheduled regular maintenance for the Fronter Oslo hosting centre will take place in the evening of November 12th, the second Wednesday in November.The maintenance window this time is announced to start at 20:00 CET, and is estimated to take approximately half an hour.

During this maintenance window, the work will include upgrades on the integration and user provisioning services. This will imply that SSO services such as Shibboleth and Feide are not available for new sessions during the maintenance window, while on-going sessions that started before the maintenance work will not be interrupted. Direct or LDAP login are not affected. Further, while no imports are run during this maintenance window, the vast majority of imports would not run at this time anyway. We will also be doing maintenance work to the Fronter hosted mail but interruptions from that work will be minimal.

Lastly we will be disabling legacy encryption protocols that are no longer considered secure. This helps ensure that all users using encrypted connections will continue to receive the best protection available.

To stay secure using modern encryption methods, we have recently had to drop support for certain very old versions of web browsers. These have not been supported by Fronter for a long time, but will now not be able to connect to Fronter at all when using encryption. Please see the following article for details on which browsers are officially supported by Fronter: (Supported Browsers).

If you experience strange unexpected behaviour or are a federated user and are unable to access/login to Fronter via your Federation please contact your support chanel.

During our next scheduled maintenance window, on Wednesday 10. September, we will be doing some maintenance on the Course (Scorm) tool.

During the maintenance window customers hosted on our Usit platform may experience that they are not be able to access courses.

The maintenance window will last from 8PM CEST until 11PM CEST on Wednesday September 10.

As a Fronter user you have been using a system delivered through your internet browser for a long time. More and more products are moving to the cloud, and we have now released our first step towards a tighter connection between Fronter and major cloud services.

As of October 14, we are now enabling you to add Microsoft tools to your toolbars in Fronter. This will give the users quick and easy access to tools like and Office Online. When clicking on the Outlook logo, the user will be taken to That simple!

Please note that you need a valid subscription to the Microsoft services in order to use the tools through Fronter.

The tools can easily be configured by the administrator of the Fronter building. The tools can, as other tools, be configured to be shown just for members of specific groups. How this is done, you will find if you read on! Should you need assistance, or Fronter to set up this for you as a service, please contact your local Fronter representative.

We are pleased to soon release a new piece of functionality in the Assignment tool - group assignment. Group assignment will allow your students to create their own groups (per assignment), and then hand in their work together. When a teacher evaluates the work, all members of the group get the same comment or grade.

Read more about the Assignment tool here (

The group assignment is released on Monday, September 1.

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